Links/Directions to Match Sites

  • Register for USTA Camp Scholarship
    This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is serious about improving their game in the offseason. Please complete the application form and submit to the USTA. Scholarships for camp are available, but you must apply to have a shot. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact me immediately.
  • Section 9 Tennis Website
    This is the official website for Section 9 Tennis. Please check it out for the most up to date information on rules, league directors and playoff dates/locations.
  • USTA Approved Match Snacks
    Parents of the NFA Boys Tennis Program work together to ensure that “Match Snacks” are provided, at every match, for all of the boys. The USTA offers great suggestions for pre, during and post snacks that will keep our student-athletes hydrated and energized for every match.
  • Section 9 and County Champs Since 1950 (Singles & Doubles)
    This link will take you to the Times Herald Record’s online records page for Tennis in Section 9. You will see the names of previous winners of Section 9 and County champions in both singles and doubles since such records were kept back in 1950.
  • OCIAA School Links
    This page will take you to the OCIAA directory where you can access information and directions for every Section IX school.

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